Association Membership

  1. Active Members: To become an active member of this association an individual must be a full time salaried Tennessee Certified law enforcement officer who has been appointed by his/her agency head as the General Departmental Instructor, Training Officer or an assistant Training Officer. The director of TLETA and his/her designated certified training instructors and the POST Commission staff shall be eligible to become active members with all annual dues waived. A civilian who, through the course of employment at an institution of higher learning at a Tennessee Board of Regents School or the University of Tennessee shall be eligible to become an active member in the association if:
    1. Their full-time duties include providing POST certified law enforcement basic training or in service training to Tennessee certified or certifiable law enforcement officers and;
    2. Their employment history includes full time law enforcement experience in Tennessee or another state and;
    3. They are authorized to deal directly with POST Commission through the preparation and submission of lesson plans, departmental training rosters and other POST recognized “training officers” Duties and;
    4. Pays annual dues.

All active members of this association shall pay yearly dues in the amount established as current for that year by the association.

  1. Associate Members: Associate members shall be those persons interested in the law enforcement training field. Associate members shall not be entitled to have a vote in the affairs of the association. Associate members shall pay yearly dues in the amount established for that year by the association.

Please fill out the application (fillable PDF) and send it to the address listed.

TLETOA Membership Application